Our Philosophy

MARU is the heart and soul of Founder, Mallory Gutierrez. And we mean that quite literally. The company’s name is the beginning of her first name and middle name - Mallory Ruth. MARU.

If you didn’t already know it from the name, we’ll share now - this work is personal. Gutierrez is adamant about the time, energy, and attention she invests in finding or designing unique pieces that are modern and classic; personal and professional.

She is equally as committed to the process and quality by which they are produced. She is a strong advocate for American-made quality and manufacturing. Because less than 2% of the apparel purchased in the United States is made in the United States.** We have tremendous resources, processes, innovations, and talent here in the U.S. - we need to use them. It’s important today and even more important to the future of retail and manufacturing in America.


Which is why:

  • Each MARU collection is consciously and intentionally curated.

  • Each piece we feature and sell is well-made with the finest quality, colors, materials, and specs.

  • Every product featured and sold via MARU is made in America.

How we make our clothing is just as important as what we make.


Here’s how we make choices about our products and collections:

  • We will always choose quality over quantity.

  • We design and produce pieces that are classic interpretations of modern trends.

  • We support U.S. manufactured brands which means we only build collections from pieces designed and produced in the U.S.

  • We produce only limited runs to ensure all pieces are well-made and current.

  • We stand for bringing manufacturing back to America.

  • We believe all you need sometimes is a glass of champagne and a well-placed ruffle. (For the guys, maybe it’s a cold craft beer and a blazer everyone is talking about.)   



**Source: Carhartt.com