What Does it Truly Mean to Manufacture Domestically?

What Does it Truly Mean to Manufacture Domestically?

“Made in the USA” is something of a novelty in this fashion-focused society. In fact, it’s often used as a marketing tool to enhance the reputation of the brand.

When we see a product domestically manufactured, it subconsciously means something bigger than those four little words. We see quality and sustainability. We feel good about wearing that fitted blazer because we know someone didn’t have to suffer ill-treatment to produce it.

As much as purchasing domestically manufactured items is preferred, hundreds of major brands all over the States outsource their products internationally. In 2016 alone, the retail industry accrued nearly 292 billion dollars in apparel sales. This made the United States the largest nation for fashion consumption. Out of those billions, only 2% were manufactured domestically. That leaves a whopping 98% of U.S. based brands outsourcing their materials.

In addition, there are many millions of jobs that are being outsourced to other countries.

Imagine the millions of talented sewing experts who could benefit from being hired by up and coming brands. By making the switch from international production to domestic, several individuals could make a comfortable living. We have a huge opportunity to realign the efforts of an industry to increase Gross Domestic Product and the prosperity of our country.

The Horrific Truth of International Production Factories

The stories of children working in sweatshops for nearly pennies has been told for centuries. Many brand ambassadors try to justify the use of international manufacturing by explaining that they’re providing the less fortunate with a means to make money.

However, statistics and first-hand accounts of individuals working in these factories overseas denies all claim of heroic effort.

In 2013, the famous Rana Plaza, a textile company located in Bangladesh, was in such poor working conditions, it collapsed and killed 1,000 workers.

Daily, the residue of chemically-treated leather is being flushed down the sewage system in India. This causes a multitude of illnesses that go far beyond the imaginable.

These stats and more only scratch the surface of the many untold accounts.

Since the labor laws in foreign countries don’t protect the livelihood of the workers, those in the textile industry are forced to work in unfit environments. In addition, a majority of these people aren’t being fairly compensated. They’re forced to work unimaginable hours and expose themselves to toxic chemicals. This alone should be the reason every major brand in the United States chooses to manufacture domestically.

Being able to say your brand is 100% made in the United States is like a badge of honor. It means their products aren’t killing innocent people nor do they skimp on quality. Iris Alonzo, a Los Angeles based designer who makes only American-made clothing says, “We know our workers, they know us; it’s a very humane interaction, and we are as sure as one can be that these people are treated well and the production methods are ecologically sound.”


Introducing MARU Collections

MARU Collections supports these types of designers while also designing and producing its own product line. MARU is the true embodiment of quality, sustainability, and fashion- wrapped tightly in an American-made bow. While the pieces are gorgeous to the eye and irresistible to the touch, don’t be fooled by their stunning appearance. The journey to make these pieces domestically was quite a challenge.

Founder and head designer Mallory is passionate about showcasing products made entirely in the United States. Unfortunately, the once-thriving textile hub is now a stomping ground for internationally made pieces. This makes finding domestic manufacturers extremely difficult.

MARU, however, is breaking that trend and is releasing American-made items for the true fashionista and fashion-forward gentleman. If you’re searching for a domestic brand to support, visit the online shop of MARU Collections. Purchasing an item from this online boutique not only benefits your closet, it helps to push our economy in the right direction.